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Crisis Management

A share price collapses. Legislation is changed. Redundancies are made and sites close. An unexpected turn of events. The law of unintended consequences. Or maybe it's just plain Sod’s Law. Sometimes things go wrong and all these, and more, can have a direct impact on your business.


Whatever the reason crises bring chaos and businesses don’t like chaos.


Risk is different. You calculate it, then decide to take it – or not.  Control remains with you. But a crisis is formed and shaped by events that you cannot control entirely.


‘Entirely’, that’s the key word. You can’t influence everything, but you can control key areas. If you identify those areas then you can start to take control. You can plan, anticipate and prepare.


That’s where we come in. We help you isolate the characteristics that all crises have in common and we prepare a plan that will navigate you through to the other side – a tad bloodied at times, certainly wiser and with your business and its reputation intact.