Media Relations

Few areas of Public Relations are more important to a client than media relations.


Having a solid brand profile across a wide spread of media is (and should be) the gold standard by which any self-respecting Public Relations campaign should be judged.


Every PR company claims to have dominion over the media. If that is the case, then why are so many journalists bombarded with dross?


So rather than make the same empty “we love journalists and they love us” claim, here are three facts.


  • One of our partners was a journalist
  • We write a regular personal finance page for a regional newspaper
  • We write monthly columns for clients in key industry magazines
  • We think like journalists, we write like journalists, and rather like the cream in a pint of milk, our stories rise to the top!


But there’s more to media relations than writing compelling stories. We also coach clients to perform well in radio and television interviews. Journalists don’t want to talk to us; they want to talk to you. So we help you get the most out of the encounter.

Here’s another skill that many PR companies seem to ‘overlook:’ Crisis management. What happens when it goes wrong and journalists don’t just want your story, they want your hide? We can (and we have) been able to help clients emerge with their businesses and reputations intact.

Public Relations Ely
Public Relations Ely
Public Relations Ely