Media Training

Communication with the media is probably the single most important element of managing crises.


But even when there isn’t a crisis, even where you feel on steady ground because the journalist appears friendly and has explained what they want you can still be unseated.


An opportunity missed. A badly given answer. Not having a key fact to hand. All these can set a hare running. Journalists love to drop in unexpected questions – it’s their job.


They like nothing more than to lob a percussion grenade into a seemingly harmless interview then watch you sweat, stumble and (this is the icing on the cake) - perhaps see you fall.


Not for nothing are journalists described as needing ‘a plausible manner’, ‘a little literary ability’ and ‘rat like cunning.’


So it makes sense to become media savvy yourself. To learn a little of how journalists work. What tricks and deceptions do they employ? How do you get your point across without appearing to be bombastic, over confident or Heaven forbid, like a politician?


We offer media training. Our training builds your confidence, puts the odds in your favour and, crucially, gives you and not the journalist the upper hand.


We can even teach you how not to appear ill at ease, anxious, tense and nervous. We can teach you how to look comfortable, even when you are not. You may be saying one thing, but your tortured body language may be saying something quite different.


It isn’t the journalist’s story, it’s yours and we can help you tell it!

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