Real Media Relations – Our Take

Our take on media relations is as straightforward as it is effective. We know what works. We know what makes a good story and we always deliver what we promise to journalists.


When we discuss media relations with a client our preferred position is to under promise and over deliver. Too many PR companies do the reverse which inevitably leads to one outcome – disappointment.

Disappointment for both the client and the journalist. Is it any wonder that so many journalists have so little regard for PR as an industry?


We are different. Really we are. First of all, we are our own fiercest critics and we accept that the negative perception of public relations among journalist means that we have to work harder and be utterly reliable.


Secondly - and here’s the proof of the pudding - we write a weekly personal finance page for a major regional newspaper. How many business editors can you think of who would entrust a PR company to deliver a full page of editorial week in and week out?


Here’s another difference. We read the media that is key to our clients – both trade and vertical. We get to know the issues, the journalists, the competition. Then we create a compelling proposition and we deliver on it.


If a client has a story worth the attention of the Financial Times, then we will do our utmost to make it happen. Some of our clients don’t require national coverage so we concentrate our fire power and expertise in other areas.


Underpinning our practice on media relations is the following: “We can’t make something out of nothing. But we can make more out of something.”

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Public Relations Ely
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